Wonders of the Universe – Kate Rusby

At the end of the Brian Cox “Wonders of the Universe” session on gravity the closing sequence is accompanied by a haunting folk song that I was not familiar with.

A quick search found that it was the appropriate “Falling” sung by Kate Rusby, who (according to Wikipedia) is “regarded as one of the most famous English folk singers of contemporary times.”

Here is a small collection from Youtube, starting with the song from Wonders of the Universe, followed by a very nice version of Sandy Denny’s “Who Knows Where the Time Goes”, then a short chat with a BBC interviewer, and a rendition of the traditional song “Blooming Heather”

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5 Responses to Wonders of the Universe – Kate Rusby

  1. Les says:

    Love Kate Rusby. Her “Awkward Annie” album is one of my favourites.
    Her rendition of “Who knows” is great and, whilst “comparisons are odious” it stands up well to Sandy Denny’s definitive version.
    Good Stuff!


  2. dougaj4 says:

    Les – yes, I hadn’t heard her before (non mainstrem UK music doesn’t get much air time here in Australia) but I really like what I’ve heard.


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