Inserting a list of names

Another function that I don’t use much, and that got hidden by the Ribbon, is the command to insert a list of named ranges together with the addresses they refer to.

Here’s where they hid it:

Formulas Tab; "Use in formula" button; down the bottom; - or just press F3

On the Formulas Tab, in the Defined Names box, is the “Use in Formula” button, and if you click that you get a list of named ranges, with “Paste Names…” right at the bottom, and if you click that you get the dialog box shown, which if you click the “Paste List” button will paste a list of all named ranges and their addresses.

Or alternatively just press F3, which brings up the Paste Name dialog, with the paste list button.

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1 Response to Inserting a list of names

  1. Now that is one I can use all the time. I do the F3, as it is great to see named ranges as well as named ranges that are with errors. So you can fix them. It allows newer users to easily see where the ranges are if they are not good at navigating around Excel. Great tip!


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