Bert Jansch

Regulars here will know my liking for the music of Bert Jansch and his contemporaries.  Bert died after a long illness last Wednesday, but leaves behind a rich legacy of music usually categorised as “folk”, but really beyond categorisation.

The 1992 BBC series “Acoustic Routes” documents the early days when the likes of Paul Simon and Bob Dylan were playing in Soho Pubs for “30 bob”:

Here are a small selection of pieces from Youtube, some well known, some less so, finishing up with one of his final performances at the Glastonbury Festival this year (only a fleeting glimpse of Bert, but the music’s the thing).

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2 Responses to Bert Jansch

  1. watcheruatu says:

    Bert, dead and gone eh?
    I never knew.
    I remember buying the album “Bert & John” in the seventies. Great stuff!
    Thanks for the vids, Memories.


    • dougaj4 says:

      Hi watcheruatu – The Pentangle was the first album (or record of any type) I ever bought, in 1969. I saw them later that year performing to a packed house at the Albert Hall in London, but my enduring memory of Bert’s solo performances was hearing “The Blue Album” for the first time playing in a university common room, and being blown away by it. Strange what sticks in your mind.


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