The Ship Song Project

The Ship Song Project: Artists pay tribute to the Sydney Opera House:

“It is a song, and a story, of a nation that dreams. Indigenous singer-songwriter Kev Carmody, who performed with the Australian Ballet Company, said it’s also about, “The beauty (and) ancientness of this majestic place … imagine what it was like 250 years ago, my friends, it would’ve been paradise”.
“It’s a coming together of cultures, people and disciplines.”

… and the original from Nick Cave:

For anyone interested in the lyrics and what they mean, skip the Youtube comments and have a look at:

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1 Response to The Ship Song Project

  1. dan l says:

    Fantastic song. Besides the ones on youtube, you can get a live version off of this album:

    Wich, if you’re a Nick Cave fan, is probably a must have.


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