Continuous Beams with Shear Deflections

The Macaulay Spreadsheet has now been modified to optionally include shear deflections, as well as a new option to output support reactions, and fixes to minor bugs.

The revised spreadsheet (including full open source code) can be downloaded from:

The screenshots below show an example (included in the download file) of a three span beam with spring supports and shear deflections included, compared with output from the Strand7 FEA program.  It can be seen that there is near exact agreement for both beam actions and deflections.

Conbeam function input, including shear stiffness

Part of Conbeam function output, compared with Strand7 (click for full size view)

Graphical output comparing ConBeam and Strand7 results

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10 Responses to Continuous Beams with Shear Deflections

  1. Viet says:

    Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.


  2. Ankit says:

    I have been following your work for quite a while now. Really appreciate your effort.
    Unfortunately I am completely new to excel and hence the UDF’s.
    I request for a tutorial on how to use this one.



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  4. tibia says:

    So is it tricky to add shear deflections to the cantilever analysis?


  5. dougaj4 says:

    tibia – not too tricky – it should appear in a day or two.


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  7. kimberly says:

    amazing! I’ve been searching for this, Thank you so much God Bless 🙂


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