Embedding Skydrive worksheets in WordPress

On the Download page of this blog I have a list of files available for download, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet stored on the Microsoft Skydrive site.  I recently discovered that this link had stopped working, and that the spreadsheet could no longer be accessed through that page.  After much searching and many dead ends I eventually found a response on the WordPress forum (from a WordPress person) suggesting that we should forget Skydrive and move to Scribd!  That wasn’t what I wanted to do, but a link in that reply eventually led me to the right part of the WordPress help system, where I found this advice:

Create or edit a page or post, and paste the embed code into the HTML editor. Important: Please make sure that the src address in the embed code begins with http — if it begins with https, simply remove the s.

So I checked my embed code, and sure enough it started with https, and removing the s made the link work!

It would be nice if Microsoft and WordPress could get their act together and make this system just work, but in the mean time, if anyone has a similar problem just remove the s from https.


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9 Responses to Embedding Skydrive worksheets in WordPress

  1. Thanks, I use a WordPress site too and this information is very helpful. Only if life could be easier ? Maybe someday.



  2. The time I see the “s” is usually in secure applications where log-ins, passwords, etc. are required. If we leave off the “s” does this somehow make the info there more vulnerable?


  3. Sahil Shaikh says:

    I don’t see the Excel in by blog even after removing teh ‘s’ from ‘https’. Another thing, WP doesn’t convert the iframe on update/publish as they have mentioned in the support doc (the link you provided). Am I missing something?


  4. dougaj4 says:

    David – I’m afraid I don’t know enough about Internet security stuff to comment. The “s” in https does stand for “secure”, but since I’m linking to a page open to anyone I don’t think that removing the s will do any harm. Whether it might make other folders on the Skydrive site less secure, I have no idea.

    Sahil – I can only suggest trying again. I have had times when the embed code has not been converted properly when pasting into WordPress, then the next time I try it works OK. The only suggestions I can offer are:
    – Make sure you paste into the html view of the page
    – Save a draft, wait for it to finish saving, then have a look at a preview, before publishing.
    These may or may not help, but they won’t do any harm.


    • Sahil Shaikh says:

      Thanks for replying back.

      I am pasting the iframe code in the html view. I allow WP to save the draft. But when I see the preview the Excel is not there. And the iframe code is not converted in the short-code. Does that have anything to do with what type of account you have in WP? On the top right corner it asks me to ‘Upgrade to Pro’. Could that be a reason? If yes, I will have to give up 😛


      • dougaj4 says:

        Sahil – I’m on the free account, so that shouldn’t have anything to do with it.
        I presume your excel file has permissios set to allow viewing by anyone.

        Other than that I can only suggest you follow it up on the WordPress forum.


      • dougaj4 says:

        Sahil – I have just linked to another spreadsheet on Skydrive. First time I tried the right-click embed menu from the Skydrive folder view, and it just pasted as a link in WordPress. I found I had to open the spreadsheet (in the browser), then use the share-embed menu. After copying and pasting the embed code from there, and removing the s from https, it worked.

        Have you tried that route?


  5. dougaj4 says:

    Sahil – pity, I really thought that might have solved it. I can only suggest WordPress support or forums then.


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