Frame4 – with intermediate beam results

Back in March 2010, in response to this post with an update of the Frame4 spreadsheet: jscott (and later mettrox) asked if I had thought about adding output of the member forces at intervals along the member length, to which the response was, yes I’d thought about it.

But now I have done it, and the new version can be downloaded here: Download  As usual, the file includes full open source code.

Some examples of the new output options are shown below:

Beam results for beam ends and for beams divided into 8 segments (click for full size view)

Deflected shape plot, including deflections along the beam length

Bending moment results for selected beams

Shear force results for selected beams

Y deflection results for selected beams

The spreadsheet includes verly little documentation, but the arrangement of input data is described in earlier posts in this series (search the blog for frame analysis), and if anything remains unclear, please ask.

Update 15 Sep 12:  There was a bug in the routine to calculate intermediate beam actions and deflections with point loads which is now fixed:  Download

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5 Responses to Frame4 – with intermediate beam results

  1. metroxx says:

    Hello, looks amazing from screenshots.
    Take a look later.


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  3. metroxx says:

    Will be good if there will be possible to define different load cases.
    For ULS, SLS conditions.


    • dougaj4 says:

      Hi metroxx – this is something I see as being easier to set up on the spreadsheet, rather than incorporating it in the code. The main area of development I’m looking at is improving analysis of non-linear material properties and second order effects.


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