Daily Download 8: Drawing in Excel

Today’s download includes all download files and posts relating to drawing in Excel, other than those dealing with animation, digitising, or 3D perspective projection, which will be covered in the next three days.

Blog posts dealing with drawing in Excel:

Associated download files are:

A random selection of images from the listed posts are shown below:

Shape List

Getting shape properties

Drawing from coordinates

Bat skull image created in Excel from FEA data

Scaled and trimmed bridge beam

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2 Responses to Daily Download 8: Drawing in Excel

  1. dougaj4 says:

    In response to a question received by e-mail:

    “Looks interesting but I need more instructions to understand how to use it. What is purpose of having a binary file as well?
    Will it draw any 2D shape? How do I define points etc?”

    The .xlsb is the current file format (for Excel 2007, 2010, and as far as I know, 2013). The .xls file was included for the benefit of those still using Excel 2003 or earlier.

    It will plot any of the standard shapes shown on the “shapes” sheet.

    The best way to see how it works is to first run through an example by clicking on the “Draw XY” button on the “Plot” sheet, taking note of the ranges selected. Then read the “Intro” and “format table” sheets, then experiment with changing coordinates, node numbers, or shape types.

    As an example, on the “SuperT” sheet there are:
    – 72 XY coordinates defining the ends of lines, nodes of polylines, or positions of shapes
    – 51 node lists listing the shape reference number (Col. G) followed by a list of node numbers (1 for a defined shape, or one for each end and vertex for a polyline)
    – 9 defined shape types, with type defined in column 2 and properties in columns 3 to 11. For a shape defined as “shape” in column 2 the shape type (as listed on the “shapes” sheet) is defined in column 10. See the Format Table sheet for details of the other columns.

    For more details of the background have a look at the earlier blog posts listed in this post.

    Any remaining questions, please ask.


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