Using Frame4 for truss analysis

The Frame4 spreadsheet is set up to allow the analysias of rigid-jointed 2D frames, but it is simple to use it for 2D truss analysis; simply either provide a moment release at each end of every member, or define every member with a second moment of area (I) sufficiently low that all bending moments will be negligible.  I have added a truss example to the download zip file.  The program has also had a minor upgrade to Ver 3.06.  Free download (including open source code) from

The truss example is taken from:

Truss Example - note that truss height should be 6 feet

Truss Example – note that truss height should be 6 feet

The truss may either be specified with moment end releases at both ends of each member:


Or specify a very low I value for each member:


The results given in the example are shown below:


The axial load values from the spreadsheet are in good agreement:


Truss deflected shape:


Axial force in top and bottom chords:


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