Recently discovered (and rediscovered) links

Math ∩ Programming

– A place for elegant solutions (another Alfred Vachris link)

About the Author

My name is Jeremy Kun. I’m currently a mathematics PhD student at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and I did my undergraduate at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in mathematics and computer science. I have a thorough background in computer science, but my most exciting experiences there always stemmed from elegant (and uncoincidentally mathematical) solutions to programming problems. This blog is a presentation of the interesting solutions I come across, and an exploration of the deeper mathematical ideas therein. Most often this means exploring the mathematical structure of a problem to lubricate the cogs of algorithm design. In seldom cases, this involves using programs to reason about mathematical theory.

Two new engineering sites:  Forums, software and articles related to the use of Eurocodes, including concrete, steel, masonry, timber and seismic design.

Simple Supports – Started Feb 2013, articles on the science, maths, and practice of structural engineering.

Brian Potter works as a structural engineer, making sure buildings don’t fall down. He writes here about engineering, sometimes in the third person.

The BBC series on Climbing Great Buildings led me to:

  • Maths in the City and
  • The dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, London which led to:
  • The Arch Never Sleeps
  • It has been said that arches never sleep, that they are almost living in the way they adapt to change.  Using case studies of Ely Cathedral in England and Chartres in France, the tracks on this album examine the way in which the design of arches developed in the early middle ages, and use mathematical models to explore some of  the problems faced and overcome by the stone masons. This material makes up part of the course MST209, Mathematical methods and models.

And finally two blogs on The Universe and Everything that I linked to in 2011, then promptly forgot about:

Cosmic Horizons

My personal take on what’s going on within our Event Horizon. Mostly astronomical, often cosmological, usually quite grumpy.

In the Dark

A blog about the Universe, and all that surrounds it

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