Concrete ULS spreadsheet update

The ULS Design Functions spreadsheet has been updated with the addition of provision for the Eurocode 2 rectangular stress block.  The new spreadsheet can be downloaded from:  ULS Design (including full open-source code).

For more details see: ULS Analysis of Concrete Beams; now with added units

Typical input screen:

ULS Design Functions-2

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10 Responses to Concrete ULS spreadsheet update

  1. hadwao says:

    im just curious why interaction diagram is going crazy in max. normal force nearby area, when non-symetrical reinforcment is defined?


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  3. hadwao says:

    you’re welcome, what have been changed?
    as i see now diagram for tface=1 and tface=0 is closing nicely 🙂


  4. metroxx says:

    Please see problem with graphic if I do tension for both sides


  5. metroxx says:

    There no calculation for max. pure tension (as max. pure compression)?
    In case if I want to draw full (closed) interaction diagram 🙂
    (I even can’t imagine when calculation for tension is needed so it is just for beautiful picture and not so important).


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