Two new links

Following the blog theme of using Excel for working with numbers without a $ on the front, I have added to my links:

EngineerExcel was founded by Charlie Young.

He is a licensed professional engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His engineering simulations have been featured at multiple international technical conferences.

In his decade plus experience as a practicing engineer he has learned to harness the capabilities of Excel to gain insights into engineering challenges and increase productivity.

Excel for Educators

Why Excel for Educators?
I started blogging nearly a decade ago. My other blog, What It’s Like on the Inside, is a mishmash of both personal and education-related topics. In recent years, I found myself more and more interested in ideas related to Excel, classroom data, and data visualization—enough to move those ideas to this new space. I believe that educators should be able to ask their own questions and interact with data however they choose. There are many new tools available to assist teachers in analyzing and visualizing data. This blog is my attempt to empower educators to collect and use data.

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1 Response to Two new links

  1. Charlie says:

    Hi Doug, Thanks so much for the link. Here’s to reclaiming Excel from the bean counters!


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