xlScipy with xlwings

Following a new release of xlwings, I have updated the xlScipy spreadsheet to work with it, and added a few new features:

  • The Matplotlib routines to plot a function entered as text (previously posted as xlMatPlot.zip) have been incorporated on the PlotFunction sheet, plus another function to plot a named range of data on any sheet.
  • Scipy space functions have been added.
  • A function to create Akima cubic splines has been added

The new version can be downloaded from:


including full open source code (VBA and Python).  Note that there are still one or two issues with the xl_SolveF function, and the previous version is still available (xlScipy.zip).

Unzip the download file to any folder, and install Python with Scipy, Numpy, and xlwings, and it should work.

The new features are shown in the screen shots below:

The Akima1dSpline function has been added to the interpolation sheet.  I will be posting more details on this function, and comparing Python splines with VBA and Alglib alternatives, in the near future.


The Matplotlib function works as in the xlMatPlot.zip spreadsheet.  In addition, the Interp sheet (shown above) uses a Matplotlib graph with a function that can be called from any sheet (but currently only one graph per sheet).


The Python  Delaunay, ConvexHull, Voronoi, functions have been implemented on the Space sheet.


Code for the plotdat routine is shown below.  More details to follow in a later post.



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