Using Redim and 3DFrame

I recently received a query about the 3DFrame spreadsheet failing to run.  The problem was that the code was trying to Redim an array that had not been previously created with a Dim statement.  This does not cause a problem with Excel versions up to 2003, and from 2013 to date, but in some cases in Excel 2007 and 2010 the routine will not compile.

The solution is simply to ensure that all arrays are created with a Dim statement, before you try to Redim (which is a good idea even if your Excel version doesn’t require it), but in researching this problem I found two rather surprising things about how it was reported on the Internet:

  • A Google search on “Excel vba redim changed 2013 compile error” (without the “”) only came up with one relevant link, several pages down (at Daily Dose of Excel).
  • The relevant bit was a comment to the main article that I had made myself back in 2009!

The new version of 3DFrame can be downloaded from:

or (as always) from the Downloads page here.

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1 Response to Using Redim and 3DFrame

  1. Suelio Josileissu says:


    May you help me with my spreadsheet for drawing a set of frames in a chart with shapes, this is for a analysis for structures 2D? I have a collection of the nodes and frames, only. And i’m using a pseudo orientation for objects with class node (nós) and frame (barras). If u interesting to help me, send a message for me.



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