Microsoft Python Resources

In addition to the documentation of their software products, Microsoft now have a huge amount of on-line resources of more general content, including:

YouTube: Python for Beginners

Probably the largest hurdle when learning any new programming language is simply knowing where to get started. This is why we, Chris and Susan, decided to create this series about Python for Beginners! (44 Videos)

For those who prefer written tutorials, with interactive examples:

Introduction to Python

Learn how to write basic Python code, declare variables, and work with console input and output

In this module, you will:

Explore the choices available to run Python apps
Use the Python interpreter to execute statements and scripts
Learn how to declare variables
Build a simple Python app that takes input and produces output

Also see Microsoft Learn for other Python based tutorials, or search for a huge range of other topics.

For documentation of the use of Python in Visual Studio see Python at Visual Studio

Welcome Python Developers

See how Microsoft is making our platform better for Python developers
Python Blog
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