Microsoft blocking VBA in downloaded files (or do they?)

Microsoft announced earlier this year that they would be automatically blocking macros in downloaded Office files (as a security measure), then recently they said they wouldn’t, then yesterday they said they would, but not right now.

For more details, plus numerous comments see:
Microsoft: Roll back of VBA macro block in Office is only temporary

For more details about what can be done about it, including details of how to add security certificates without spending a fortune see:

How this will affect files downloaded from here, I am not sure, but if you have trouble using the VBA code in any of the download files, please let me know.

As for my opinion on how Microsoft have handled the whole thing, I’m appalled:

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1 Response to Microsoft blocking VBA in downloaded files (or do they?)

  1. Larry Schuster says:

    Without getting into discussions about the use and risks of self-certification, another possible option until MS sorts this thing out is to use Abylonsoft SelfCert (


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