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Drawing in Excel 7 – Creating drawings from coordinates

Previous Post, Drawing in Excel 6 The file PlotXYcontains routines to plot scale drawings in Excel from a list of XY coordinates of node points, node points for each shape, and formatting details for each shape type.  The plot is scaled … Continue reading

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Drawing in Excel 6 – getting shape properties

Previous post One of the less than useful new “features” of Excel 2007 is that its macro recorder no longer records operations on shapes, which removes the easiest way to discover the exact names of shape properties, and how to manipulate … Continue reading

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Drawing in Excel 5 – Shape List

Previous Post For some reason best known to Microsoft, the Excel documentation does not include a graphic list of shapes with an example of each shape, and the text list they do provide is incomplete.  The file shapelist.zip rectifies that … Continue reading

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Drawing in Excel-4

This post will look in a bit more detail at the methods presented in the previous post.  It would be a good idea to open the previous post on another tab, or download the example file and open the code … Continue reading

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Drawing in Excel-3

Previous post OK, here are some of the promised basics of using VBA to create drawings in Excel. This and following posts will cover: The shape objects and how to create them How to select, group, and delete shapes How … Continue reading

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Drawing in Excel – 2

Before getting down to basics, the attached file: Animation demo Illustrates how Excel shapes can be simply animated. Screen shot: The code for the animation (having previously drawn a circle and a rectangle with no fill, and noted their names): … Continue reading

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