Distributing Silverfrost Fortran Applications

Earlier posts have included User Defined Functions (UDFs) linked to Fortran dll files compiled with Silverfrost Personal Fortran:

Solving simultaneous equations – Fortran dll

Trigonometric Functions – dll

Linking Excel to Fortran – 2

Transferring these files to a new computer it came to my notice that if the Silverfrost compiler is not installed it is necessary to install the file SALFLIBC.DLL in the same directory as the dll files (usually Windows/System32).

See this Silverfrost Forum post for more details.

The required file can now be downloaded from: Salflibc.zip 

Alternatively install the Silverfrost Personal Fortran Compiler (free for personal and evaluation use).

Anyone still having problems with the Fortran UDF files after installing the Salflibc.dll file, or the entire compiler, please leave a message.

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