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Installing dlls on 64 bit Windows

Several of the spreadsheets available here include routines linking to compiled code written in C#, C++ or Fortran, which require the installation and registration of dll files.  The procedures for doing this are significantly different on machines with 64 bit … Continue reading

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Xll add-ins; are they worth the trouble?

As regular readers will know, I occasionally delve into compiling code in C++, or even Fortran, as dlls and link to them with a short piece of VBA to communicate between the spreadsheet and the compiled code.  I have also … Continue reading

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Compiled AlgLib Matrix Functions for Excel

This post describes a series of matrix functions compiled from the AlgLib library code (covered in previous posts) as a dll that can be called from Excel VBA, and used as User Defined Functions (UDFs).  A spreadsheet containing the necessary VBA … Continue reading

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Linking AlgLib C++ to Excel VBA

The previous post described how to install AlgLib VBA routines in Excel.  It is also possible to make AlgLib c++ routines (compiled as dll’s) available from Excel, either from VBA, or using User Defined Functions (UDFs) directly from the spreadsheet.  Using compiled dll … Continue reading

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Distributing Silverfrost Fortran Applications

Earlier posts have included User Defined Functions (UDFs) linked to Fortran dll files compiled with Silverfrost Personal Fortran: Solving simultaneous equations – Fortran dll Trigonometric Functions – dll Linking Excel to Fortran – 2 Transferring these files to a new computer it came to my … Continue reading

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