Update to Beam1 and Beam2

It has just been pointed out that the single span beam spreadsheet presented at Frame Analysis with Excel 1 does not work for a propped cantilever.  The same applies to the spreadsheet for single span sloping beams at Frame Analysis with Excel 2.

The spreadsheets were really mainly intended for educational purposes, and the continuous beam spreadsheet at Frame Analysis with Excel 3 handles a single span propped cantilever already, but the earlier spreadsheets are handy for the quick analysis of a single span beam, so I have modified them so that they will handle the propped cantilever condition.  The revised spreadsheets cane be downloaded from:


Beam1 output for propped cantilever

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3 Responses to Update to Beam1 and Beam2

  1. napster says:

    thanks for the info..
    Is it possible for you to create a discussion on how to use FEM on rigid frames? or if you could recommend me some books that are quite easy to grasp?

    thanks thanks


    • dougaj4 says:

      The forum is there already, that’s what the comments are for! It’s up to my readers to start a discussion, but realistically you need a certain critical mass before active discussions can be maintained on a wide range of topics, so it’s a bit hit and miss whether a comment here will generate much response (although I try to respond to all questions posted).

      If you work through all the frame analysis posts here, and download the spreadsheets and examine the code, that should give you a good starting point.

      For books I use Programming the Finite Elelemnt Method by Smith and Griffiths. I’d say it assumes a reasonable knowledge of stress analysis basics and it is fairly mathematical, so maybe not for everybody, but it’s strong point there is full working code for all the examples in the book.


  2. napster says:

    i appreciate the info so much

    maybe ill just get through this sometime 🙂


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