Tool-tip tip

Mike Woodhouse (Grumpy Old Programmer) recently posted a handy  little tip about tool-tips in the Visual Basic Editor.

If you hover over a variable whilst de-bugging a VB routine, the current value of the variable is displayed as a tool-tip:

First 77 characters of variable value ...

but if the variable is a long string you will only see the first 77 characters, unless you hold down the Ctrl key before you hover …

last 77 characters

in which case you will see the last 77 characters.

I’m passing this on not just because it is a handy little tip, but also because it led me to a post from Mike Alexander, who coincidentaly had posted exactly the same tip a few weeks earlier on his Bacon Bits Blog.  I thought Bacon Bits was having a prolonged rest, but it had actually been active all this time; I just had my short-cut pointing to an old post.

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