Interpolation Update

The interpolation functions in IP2.xls have been given an overhaul:

  • The linear and quadratic interpolations routines have been modified to accept negative values.
  • All the routines have been modified to convert the table range to an array, rather than using a range object.
  • Notes and an example of the InterpA function have been added.

Interpolation Function Examples

The new file can be downloaded from the link above, and as usual includes full open source code.

Also note that a variety of other interpolation and curve fitting functions are available in:

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4 Responses to Interpolation Update

  1. Interpolation Update is the exceptional idea. This will help the people. Definitely, i like most. Thanks.


  2. xmcarreira says:

    Thanks for sharing your codes (again)!


  3. dougaj4 says:

    Xosé – Glad you find the things here useful!

    Incidentally, on your site, if you could change the last two letters of the text for link here from US to Aus, it would be more accurate! 🙂


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