More 3D Intersections and 3D plotting function

Following the previous post, I have added several new functions connected with intersections of lines and planes, and a function to generate a perspective plot from 3D coordinates.  The new functions have been added to the IP2.xls worksheet, which can be downloaded (including full open source code) from IP2.ZIP.

Note that all the functions return results as an array, and must be entered as an array function:

  • Enter the function as shown in the examples
  • Select the complete output range, with the function in the top-left corner
  • Press F2 (edit)
  • Press ctrl-shift-enter

The new functions are shown in the screen shots below (click any image for full size view):

PDist3D - Perpendicular distance from a point to a plane

PlaneCoeff; Coefficients of a plane specified by 3 points

IPPlaneLine: Intersection point of a plane and a line segment

IPPlanePlane: Intersection line of two planes

PView: Perspective projection of 3D Lines, showing IPPlanePlane output

Further details of the PView function will be given in the next post.

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7 Responses to More 3D Intersections and 3D plotting function

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  4. y ramesh says:

    line 1 ( x , y)
    -35 100
    -25 101
    -18 105
    -15 105
    -8.123762376 108
    -7.663 108
    -4.507949153 109.5775254
    -3.924997729 109.8690001
    0 110
    3.925 109.869
    7.663 108
    20.3282 101.6674
    25 101
    25.0001 100
    line 2
    -3.925 109.869
    0 110
    3.925 109.869
    13.663 105
    100 105
    ip udf not giving all meeting points
    please post revised version


    • dougaj4 says:

      The problem is that the two lines are exactly coincident between 0 110 and
      3.925 109.869, so the end points of these lines are not treated as intersection points.


  5. Lawrence Hoffman says:

    Nice tool. Not sure how to make this in add-in. Is this possible ?


    • dougaj4 says:

      Yes, just save as an add-in (xlam), then register the add-in using File-Options-Addins, click the Go… button next to Excel add-ins down the bottom, and select the box for IP2 (or whatever you have called it).

      All the functions should then be available from any open workbook.


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