Another link from Al Vachris:

The link above has a general subject index, and google site search; for a full list of the site content go to the detailed site index.

Here’s what the author says about it:

“The following are my personal/professional WWW pages, I hope
you find what you’re looking for or something else that interests you. These
pages come in a number of flavours: reports on projects I’ve been involved in,
notes for myself that I’ve put on the WEB instead of in a paper notebook,
tutorials to assist others get started in various technical areas, papers that
I’ve published or collaborated on, various image galleries, and finally some
pages that are simply for amusement. I welcome any feedback on the content as
well as any suggestions or corrections you think should be made. If you extend
any of the ideas or techniques discussed on these pages then I’m happy to
include your contribution in the relevant section.”

But that really doesn’t do it justice; there is a wealth of fascinating topics here, mainly related to maths and computer graphics.  The images below are all taken from the site, and a click will take you to the relevant page.

Google Earth Fractals

Google Earth Fractals

Modelling Historical Jordanian Sites:

Qasr Kharana (Amman, Jordan)

Mirrors and Ray traycers

Plane Cylinder Sphere


Clifford Attractors


Helicoid Minimal Surfaces

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