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Another link from Al Vachris: PaulBourke.net. The link above has a general subject index, and google site search; for a full list of the site content go to the detailed site index. Here’s what the author says about it: “The … Continue reading

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Yet more pendulums

Following Dynamically Defined Dancing Pendulums, another three versions of the dancing pendulum theme.  First a POV-RAY version by PM 2Ring, complete with reflections and shadows: POV-Ray Pendulums (click to open in a new window) and an interactive Javascript version: Javascript pendulums by PM2Ring (click … Continue reading

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Pythagoras, Penrose and Pov-Ray

Images based on Pythagorean tiling, Penrose tiling, and projections onto the Riemann Sphere by PM2ring, a regular contributor to the ABC Self-Service Science Forum (words by the artist):  Various renderings of a Pythagorean tiling. Mostly using the 3,4,5 triangle. This … Continue reading

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