Ligurian Arches

We have looked previously at Robert Hooke’s statement on the mathematical analysis of arches:


but of course  people had been constructing large arch structures for many hundreds of years before Hooke made his enigmatic statement, and the masters, if not the inventors, of the arch were the Romans.  In future posts I will be looking at some of the historically important arch bridges in Northern Italy, but for today, here is a collection of arches (natural and constructed) from a walk in the Cinque Terre National Park, and in and around Camogli:

Arch near the harbour at Manarola

The Harbour at Vernazza

The Harbour at Vernazza

The Harbour at Vernazza

The Harbour at Vernazza, Natural Arches

The Harbour as Vernazza

Natural and Railway arches near Vernazza

Camogli Station

Arched strata at Salita Mandrella a Monte
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