Tanh-Sinh Quadrature V4.1

The latest update to the Tanh-Sinh Quadrature spreadsheet from Graeme Dennes is now available for download from: Tanh-Sinh. As usual, the download includes full open-source code and extensive documentation.

Version 4.1 Release Notes

 1.   Small but useful accuracy improvements have been made to the Tanh-Sinh and DE programs through increasing the size of the node/weight arrays, thus allowing the array generators to terminate based on the magnitude of the calculated nodes and weights rather than on the size of the arrays.

2.   Small but useful accuracy improvements made by utilising the MinRealNumber constant in the array generators wherever possible.

 3.   Small speed improvements made to all programs.

 4.   Small improvements made to the parameters used by the function plotter on the Tanh-Sinh worksheet.

 5.   Taken together, these changes have provided improvements to the utility of the workbook.


Graeme Dennes

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