1 Million Page Views

At some time in the next couple of hours or so the number of page views here will pass the 1 million mark, so congratulations in advance one millionth page viewer.

Stats by country4

I thought it would be interesting to see where all these viewers of 1 million pages come from, so here are the figures (since Feb 2012, when WordPress started publishing the daily count by country):

By Total Page Views

By Total Page Views

Unsurprisingly, the list sorted by total page views is headed by the English speaking countries, with the USA well ahead and Australia in third place, but more surprisingly:

By Page views / Million Population

By Page views / Million Population

, when sorted by page views per million population the USA falls to 21st place, Australia remains 3rd, headed by Latvia well ahead in first place, followed by Iceland.  Singapore is the first Asian country, ahead of the UK and Canada.  Hong Kong takes the second Asian spot in 13th place, but down at the bottom of the list:

By Page views / Million Population

By Page views / Million Population

mainland China comes in at 190th out of 192, with only 80 views from close to 20% of the World’s population.

So greetings to my fan or fans in Latvia and Iceland, I hope you find the blog continues to be worth reading!

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3 Responses to 1 Million Page Views

  1. T Dziubakowski says:

    Great Site – I love the innovative ways you use excel to tackle engineering problems. I am a Chem Eng, so some posts are not directly applicable, but your approach to problems provides inspiration for me to use excel to tackle more Chem Eng problems.

    Keep up the good work…. I am very glad I ran across your site
    Best Regards


  2. excel1star says:

    super Alfred

    Sent from my iPhone



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