The Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence; new links

Earlier this year the on-line edition of National Geographic posted an article on:

Mystery of Florence’s Cathedral Dome May Be Solved

The wording of the article owes more to journalistic hyperbole than anything else, but it includes a link to an interactive 360 degree image of the cathedral interior of quite amazing detail.  The screenshot below shows a detail from the dome, but visit the link (about half way down) to view any other part of the cathedral interior in similar detail.


Other links from this article include:

Redefining the Dome

An Interactive History of the Dome

The Secrets of the Florentine Dome

As we will see in this article, this great building site, challenging all of human knowledge at that epoch, was the locomotive provoking a scientific and technological revolution. Raising the great dome drew new horizons, which far beyond the construction of a building sent ripples and shockwaves of philosophical optimism to the great benefit of future generations.



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