West meets East

On Friday I attended an excellent concert by the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Tawadros brothers, Joseph and James. They played a mixture of Verdi’s 4 Seasons interspersed by original pieces by Joseph Tawadros. The Youtube clip froman earlier concert below gives a feeling for the exceptional musicianship of these people.

The playing of Joseph Tawadros reminded me of the guitar of Davey Graham, who some 50 years ago moved in the opposite direction.  The clip below shows a live performance of She Moves Through the Fair, otherwise known as She Moved Through the Bizarre/Blue Raga (edit 24 May 2015 – the original video has gone private, now replaced with an audio track, probably of the same performance):

For more on Davy Graham (including two full audio recordings) see: She Moves Through the Fair: Davy Graham (and Jimmy Page) Just found, a preview for the ACO/Tawadros concert:

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