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Birdland Films

Birdland Films was created by Kerinne Jenkins in 2017, as a home for her own work across a number of platforms, but more importantly as a starting point. To establish a place where other like minded filmmakers, creatives and artists could come to collaborate and create.

Inspired by the feel, the tone and the emotion in the Patti Smith song ‘Birdland’;

I am helium raven and this movie is mine.

And we are free to create anything we could possibly imagine.

Whether it’s a film, a podcast, a music video, an installation, a play or a poem. Whether it’s for long or short, for big screens or small, there is no one format that we will limit ourselves to. Birdland Films hopes to grow and change with every person who comes into the fold.

But there is one rule of Birdland.

That at the heart of any project is a focus on character and story. It might seem like we’re stating the obvious, but we want to make sure that this comes through in anything we make, whether it’s a traditional narrative, a case study, a commercial or an installation.

Let’s never get too distracted by all the other parts of the process that we forget why we wanted to make these things in the first place.

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