Free and Simple Tools for Editing Videos

I recently needed to extract 15 minutes from a 45 minute long video, in 5 separate clips. I discovered that there are free tools to do this simply and efficiently, although they are not widely advertised. Here’s how:

By default, videos on my computer open with the Windows 10 “Film & TV” app, which has an icon in the bottom right corner to “Edit with Photos”. Clicking that lists several options, including Trim:

Alternatively the video can be opened directly in Photos, which has an Edit-Trim icon at top right:

Either option opens the video in the Photos Editor, where the section of the video to be trimmed can be selected by moving the start and end sliders at the bottom of the window. Then click Save-as at the top right:

This process is repeated for each clip by re-opening the original video, in my case producing 5 video clips. These can be simply combined into a single video with the Adobe online Merge Videos page:

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2 Responses to Free and Simple Tools for Editing Videos

  1. Don says:

    Openshot is a pretty decent open source video editing tool.


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