RC Design Functions 9.0

The RC Design Functions 9.0 spreadsheet is now available for free download from:

RC Design Functions9.zip

The main change is update of shear capacity calculations for the latest versions of the Australian codes; AS 3600 and AS 5100.

Shear data input now includes:

  • The option to use the simplified or refined design process
  • Provision for input of external and internal ties of different diameter
  • Provision for combined shear and torsion

Shear results can be returned from the UMom function with the output index (offs1) 11 or 12, with 11 returning a summary of shear capacities and 12 a detailed listing of data from the shear caalculation:

If the “Use Simplified” option is set to “False” (default) the bending capacities are also re-calculated with the available longitudinal reinforcement area reduced by the area required for the input shear and torsion:

The UMom function calls a new function, ASShear, for the shear capacity calculation. This function may also be called directly as a user defined function, which returns the full output listing as a single column:

Note that the provisions of the current versions of AS 3600 and AS 5100.5 are sometimes inconsistent, and a further revision of AS 5100.5 is expected later this year. Further details of the new requirements for shear and torsion calculations will be published in future posts.

The function returns my interpretation of the current requirements of each code. As always, the results must be independently checked before using for any real appication.

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