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Cubic splines with horizontal data

Following a request here I have modified my cubic spline functions to accept input arranged  in rows as well as columns.  By default the output arrays will have the same orientation as the range of interpolation X values, but I have also added … Continue reading

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Daily Download 13: The ALGLIB maths library and Excel

Today we move onto maths related downloads, starting with the ALGLIB maths library, which has featured here quite frequently: Original post with link to site: ALGLIB Installing AlgLib with Excel VBA Download files: http://interactiveds.com.au/software/AL-Matrix-xlsb.zip   http://interactiveds.com.au/software/AL-Matrix-xls.zip Linking AlgLib C++ to Excel … Continue reading

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Daily Download 4: Continuous Beam Analysis

Today’s download files contain several alternative functions for analysing continuous beams. The most flexible is the ConBeamU spreadsheet, which in addition to the continuous beam function also contains functions for single span beams and cantilevers, and for fixed end moments and … Continue reading

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Spline Interpolation Alternatives

A recent post at Jon Peltier’s Blog looks at an “on-sheet” method of performing linear interpolation on a set of tabular data, and the following comments include a number of alternative ways of carrying out the same process, and also some … Continue reading

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