Cubic splines with horizontal data

Following a request here I have modified my cubic spline functions to accept input arranged  in rows as well as columns.  By default the output arrays will have the same orientation as the range of interpolation X values, but I have also added an optional TransposeH input which if set to “False” will return the output arrays in columns, even if the interpolation X values are in a row.

The new spreadsheet (including full open source code) may be downloaded from:

For more details of the background to the functions, and how to use them see: Daily Download 22: Splines and Curves.

Typical output from CSplineA with X values in a row

Typical output from CSplineA with X values in a row

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1 Response to Cubic splines with horizontal data

  1. Jan says:

    Great extension of the cspline functionality to include given data in rows and to optionally calculate interpoints into rows or columns. thank you so much!


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