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Solving cubic and quartic equations with Excel

Although in earlier posts (such as this one) I have referred to some User Defined Functions (UDFs)  for solving cubic and quartic equations, I just realised recently that I haven’t actually talked about them here, and since they are in … Continue reading

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Approximate Solutions of Polynomial Equations

Following on from the previous post, this post presents a number of methods of solving polynomial equations using approximate iterative methods in Excel.  Similar methods can be used to find solutions to any other equation that can be evaluated numerically. … Continue reading

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Linking Excel to Fortran – 2

In this post the procedures described for C++ here will be replicated for Fortran: The spreadsheet, fortran source code, and compiled dll described in this code may be downloaded from Cubic.zip As always, it is better to use the downloaded code, … Continue reading

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Reinforced Concrete Section Analysis – 3

Previous post -1 Previous post -2 The theory presented in the previous 2 posts in this series has been incorporated into an Excel UDF, allowing concrete and reinforcement stresses and strains to be evaluated quickly and easily for reinforced and … Continue reading

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