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Complex Numbers and Solving Quartic Polynomial Equations

It was recently pointed out to me that the User Defined Function (UDF) for solving quartic polynomial equations presented in this post returned an error for some input values.  In tracking down the source of the error I decided that it … Continue reading

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Solving cubic and quartic equations with Excel

Although in earlier posts (such as this one) I have referred to some User Defined Functions (UDFs)  for solving cubic and quartic equations, I just realised recently that I haven’t actually talked about them here, and since they are in … Continue reading

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Approximate Solutions of Polynomial Equations

Following on from the previous post, this post presents a number of methods of solving polynomial equations using approximate iterative methods in Excel.  Similar methods can be used to find solutions to any other equation that can be evaluated numerically. … Continue reading

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Using Goal Seek on Multiple Cells

The Excel “goal seek” function is useful and powerful, but the procedure for using it on multiple cells is painfully slow. The spreadsheet GSeek.xls provides a simple macro to allow Goal Seek to be automatically applied to a range of … Continue reading

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Reinforced Concrete Section Analysis – 3

Previous post -1 Previous post -2 The theory presented in the previous 2 posts in this series has been incorporated into an Excel UDF, allowing concrete and reinforcement stresses and strains to be evaluated quickly and easily for reinforced and … Continue reading

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