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Arrays vs Collections vs Dictionary Objects (and Dictionary help)

A recent comment by Lori Miller at Daily Dose of Excel suggested that (for the particular application being discussed) the VBA Collection object was quicker than using scripting dictionaries.  Since I hardly ever use collections (other than the built-in ones), and … Continue reading

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Select and sum data using the scripting dictionary

Another User Defined Function (UDF) prompted by a query at Eng-Tips. The question concerned a set of data consisting of 13 columns, which was to be divided into two sets, based on the contents of Column 4, then the contents … Continue reading

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Daily Download 6: Working with FEA programs

Today’s downloads are three programs for working with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) programs.  The first use the Scripting Dictionary Object to count the number of different element types (beams, plates, bricks and links) and the number of node restraints at … Continue reading

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Retrieving unique values from a range or array …

… using the Scripting Dictionary object. in a previous post I looked at using the dictionary object to count connected elements in a finite element model.  This post looks at a more general (and simpler) usage to return unique values from … Continue reading

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