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New sort functions and sorting to groups

I first posted a user defined function (UDF) to sort spreadsheet or VBA data back in 2009.  Finally Microsoft have caught up, and Excel 365 subscribers now have two built in sort functions available: =SORT(array,[sort_index],[sort_order],[by_col]) =SORTBY(array, by_array1, [sort_order1], [by_array2, sort_order2],…) … Continue reading

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Sorting with Python

A previous post provided a VBA Sort function that could be used as a User Defined Function (UDF) to provide a sorted list on the spreadsheet, or called from another VBA routine to sort an array. I have just written a … Continue reading

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Daily Download 33: Miscellaneous

This is the last of the month and a bit of Daily Downloads, and consists of a bumper bundle of 20 spreadsheets with miscellaneous functions that didn’t fit in elsewhere: Repeating a set of data: for instance making three copies of … Continue reading

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