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Dictionary link

The VBA Scripting Dictionary object is very useful (examples here and here), but the documentation is poor. This is fixed at Data Dictionary in VBA – Complete Syntax Documentation, which provides just what it says.

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All about dictionaries

A couple of links to sites with comprehensive information on using the scripting dictionary object, found via Daily Dose of Excel: VBA for smarties I. What is a dictionary ? A dictionary in VBA is a collectionobject: you can store … Continue reading

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Daily Download 33: Miscellaneous

This is the last of the month and a bit of Daily Downloads, and consists of a bumper bundle of 20 spreadsheets with miscellaneous functions that didn’t fit in elsewhere: Repeating a set of data: for instance making three copies of … Continue reading

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Units for Excel 4: Scripting dictionaries

As mentioned in the previous post I have now updated the Units4Excel spreadsheet with the use of scripting dictionaries to speed up the process of finding units in the lists, and also to simplify the process of adding or deleting units.  … Continue reading

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