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Extracting text from an Internet table

For use in my Units spreadsheet (Units4Excel) I want to extract the unit conversion values from the comprehensive Wikipedia unit conversion table. On Wikipedia the table looks like this: and when copied and pasted as Unicode text into Excel, like … Continue reading

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Units and solvers with Pint and Sympy

Following the previous post I have adapted the units code to use the Pint package, and added a function using the Sympy equation solver, with Pint units.  I have applied the functions to finding the depth of neutral axis of a … Continue reading

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Evaluating text – update

One disadvantage of the spreadsheet style interface is that even simple formulae are difficult to check.  For instance, the deflection of a cantilever loaded at the end is given by: F*L^3/(3*E*I) which is much easier to read than the Excel … Continue reading

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Feet and inches, and other units

Following a query at Eng-tips I have had a look at options in Excel for converting metres to feet and inches, with the inches displayed as a fraction rather than a decimal. Converting from metres to feet or inches is … Continue reading

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Units for Excel 5:

Previous post on Units for Excel Download spreadsheet: Units4Excel.zip I have posted a new update of the Units4Excel spreadsheet for download (link above).  The main changes are: The ConvertA and ConvertA2 functions have been combined. The ToSI and FromSI functions have been deleted, … Continue reading

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