Section Properties Update

The Section Properties spreadsheet provides formulas for the section properties of 35 different defined shapes, calculation of section properties from coordinates, and interactive calculation and plotting of any chosen shape with defined dimensions:

Section Properties for a Segment of a Circle

Section Properties for a Segment of a Circle

The latest version added the function to combine any number of shapes into a group, and provide section properties for the composite group, or from any composite shape with listed coordinates:


It recently came to my notice that the single shapes were sometimes not plotting correctly in the new version. This has now been fixed, and the new version may be downloaded from: Section Properties-Group.


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2 Responses to Section Properties Update

  1. John Clark says:

    How do I set results to decimal instead of scientific?



    • dougaj4 says:

      You can turn off the sheet protection using the Excel menu, then change the formatting in the usual way.
      Also I have just uploaded a copy that allows the formatting to be changed without turning off the protection.


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