Durability of Concrete Structures

Don’t put yourself or your concrete assets at risk.

Designing and constructing for durability is one of the most important aspects of any construction program. However, requirements for concrete durability are extremely fragmented in Australia. These conflicting requirements put designers, contractors, and asset owners at risk, as there a number of different approaches available that may or may not be appropriate for the specific structure.

In recent times the Concrete Institute of Australia Durability Committee, including some of Australia’s leading durability experts, have been looking at the inconsistent approach to durability issues and how this can be addressed. To highlight this work the Concrete Institute of Australia is presenting a National Seminar Series on the Durability of Concrete Structures with 5 of these leading concrete durability experts delivering a comprehensive series of presentations aligned with the major design issues.

This seminar is an ideal opportunity for designers, contractors, asset owners and suppliers, in all sectors and of all levels of experience, to develop a more consistent approach to durability and to discuss issues of current and future significance with a collection of Australian durability experts, rarely available in one room at the same time.

These 6 topics, presented by our panel of experts, will be discussed, with a view to developing a more consistent approach in the industry:

  • Durability Planning
  • Durability Exposure Zones
  • Design for Compliance
  • Construction for Durability
  • Durability Modelling
  • Durability Testing

Delegates not only get a chance to learn from, debate with, and discuss the issues with our experts, but will also receive two brand new documents on Durability produced by the Institute, as well as being the first to receive draft Durability documents, open for public comment from members and non-members attending the seminar.

With only a few days left to register, don’t miss out on this opportunity to listen to some of the best durability experts in the country!

Register here!

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