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Section Properties with MeshPY, including torsion and warping

I recently discovered robbie van leeuwen’s structural engineering blog, which has an open-source set of Python routines for calculation of section properties, including torsion and warping constants.  The program uses the MeshPY Library for generating the finite element meshes required … Continue reading

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Section Properties – Lunes and Groups

Following a discussion at Eng-Tips and resulting comments I have updated my Section Properties spreadsheet to include calculation of the area and centroid of a “Lune” (the shape of a crescent moon).  I have also added a “Re-draw Shape” button because … Continue reading

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Section Properties Update

The Section Properties spreadsheet provides formulas for the section properties of 35 different defined shapes, calculation of section properties from coordinates, and interactive calculation and plotting of any chosen shape with defined dimensions: The latest version added the function to … Continue reading

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Dividing shapes into layers

For reasons that will become apparent in a later post, I need to rotate irregular polygons, defined by the coordinates of each corner, by a specified angle, and then split the resulting shape into horizontal trapezoidal layers. I have written … Continue reading

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Section properties for groups of defined shapes

Following a discussion at Eng-Tips, I have modified the section properties spreadsheet (presented here) so that section properties can be found for groups of defined shapes, including provision for translation and rotation of each shape, and application of different E … Continue reading

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Area from Vectors

The previous post looked at User Defined Functions (UDFs) for working with vectors, including examples of functions to find the area of polygons defined by coordinates.  In this post the functions will be extended to find other section properties (such … Continue reading

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Section Properties from Coordinates Without VBA

At the Eng-Tips forum there was a question asking for a calculation of area and centroid values from coordinates without the use of VBA.  In my opinion using VBA is much the easiest and most robust way to do it, … Continue reading

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