Conbeam – Python version

I have converted the continuous beam analysis spreadsheet (last presented here) to Python code, linked to Excel VBA User Defined Functions (UDFs) with ExcelPython.  To run the Python version you will need an installed copy of Python, including Numpy and Scipy.  Everything else is included in the download file, including all the necessary ExcelPython files.

The spreadsheet (including full open source code) can be downloaded from  To run the spreadsheet just unzip everything to any directory.

The file ConBeampy.xlsb includes all the new functions with one example of each.

ConBeampy-check.xlsb also includes checks of the Conbeam function results against results from Strand7, for 15 different configurations of beams with different span arrangements and support conditions.  The screenshot below shows there was close agreement for all 15 cases.


Click for full size view

More examples of using each of the included functions will be provided in future posts.

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