IP2 and IP2_py

The IP2 spreadsheet provides functions to calculate:

  • Intersection points of 2D lines or polylines
  • Intersection points of 2 circles, or a line and a circle
  • Intersection circle of two spheres and intersection points of 3 spheres
  • 3D centre point of a circle or arc
  • Perpendicular distance from a point to a line or polyline.
  • Maximum distance between any two points from a list
  • Convert rectangular to polar coordinates and polar to rectangular
  • Intersection point of 2 lines in 3D space
  • Intersection of 2 planes and related functions
  • Perspective projection of 3D lines
  • One way and two way table interpolation
  • Rotation between local and global coordinates, 2D and 3D

Since the last release:

  • The IPSSS function (intersection of 3 spheres) has been corrected
  • The py_Glob_to_Loc and py_Loc_to_Glob functions have been converted to Excel Python
  • The file has been saved in two versions, one including the Python functions and the other VBA only.

The new version may be downloaded from IP2.zip (including full open source code).

The Python functions require Python and Numpy to be installed.  Then simply copy the contents of the zip file to any convenient directory.

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5 Responses to IP2 and IP2_py

  1. AH says:

    I got an error that it couldn’t compile on 64bit system and that I needed to update Declare statements with PtrSafe. Also I couldn’t seem to get rid of the error box without shutting down Excel. I don’t suppose you have a 64bit version?


    • dougaj4 says:

      Thanks for letting me know. Was the problem with IP2 or IP2_py, or both?

      Dealing with the 64 bit problems is a bit difficult for me at the moment as I don’t have a 64 bit version of Excel available, but I will have a look.


  2. German Navarro says:

    I am trying to use inside function and I have a case where then function returns me an incorrect result, because returns that several points are out from a curve when they are inside it. Can I send youy this case in order to check the code with this example?

    Thank you for your time ands effort


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