Tanh-Sinh Quadrature v. 5.03

Following some recent comments Graeme Dennes has released the latest version the Tanh-Sinh Quadrature spreadsheet with some corrections to the test function documentation.

The new file is located (as before) at:

Tanh-Sinh Quadrature

For more information on the last major release see Numerical Integration With Tanh-Sinh Quadrature v 5.0. For more background information and numerous examples search this site for Tanh-Sinh, or select Numerical Integration from the categories drop down.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below.

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4 Responses to Tanh-Sinh Quadrature v. 5.03

  1. dougaj4 says:

    Thanks for letting us know.
    I have commented out all the microtimer code in the version linked below, since that sometimes seems to create problems. Can you let us know if that works for you?



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