SectionProperties update update

Since my previous post on the Python SectionProperties program it has been updated to Rel. 2.02, with some major changes:

  • The mesh generation library has been changed from MeshPY to Triangle
  • New functions have been added for:
  • Steel sections
  • Concrete sections (including reinforcement)
  • Australian precast bridge girders (Super T and I sections)

My spreadsheet has been updated to work with the new version, and can be downloaded (including associated Python code) from:

The problems with installing the SectionProperties software on Windows have now been fixed, and installing with pip also installs the new Triangle library. The software required to run the spreadsheet (in addition to the download files) is now:

  • Python 3.9 and associated code, including Numpy and Matplotlib.
  • Pyxll
  • Section-Properties 2.02 (install with pip to also install Triangle)

Example screenshots from the new spreadsheet are shown below:

Setting the “out” argument to 11 will now display the cross section with the generated mesh:

The defined sections have now been reduced in number to 6:

… but there are now 14 steel sections that can be accessed with the getSteelSect function:

There is also a new getConcretesect function, including reinforcement:

New functions that will generate Australian precast bridge girder cross sections are SuperT:

… and IGirder:

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