SectionProperties update 3

The SectionProperties spreadsheets previously posted had limited graphics capabilities due to problems with the plotting routines causing Excel to crash. I have now fixed that problem by updating some Python libraries with pip:

  • installing mkl-service
  • numpy 1.21.2 -> 1.22.1
  • Pillow 8.4.0 -> 9.0.0
  • matplotlib 3.4.3 -> 3.5.1/

With these upgrades the SectionProperties plotting routines work without problems, and can be called from Excel using pyxll with the following code:

# Create section object
    section = Section(geometry)

# Create matplotlib ax and fig:
        ax = section.plot_centroids( render = False)
        fig = ax.get_figure()
        return np.array([["Invalid geometry, check section dimensions"]])

# Plot in Excel

The updated spreadsheet can be downloaded from:

See SectionProperties update update for details of other software required.

Examples of the new graphs:

Mesh and Centroids
Steel Section mesh and centroids
Super T section ZX stress plot
I Girder ZY stress plot
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