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Using Matplotlib from Excel with xlwings – update

In February 2016 I posted a spreadsheet with examples of linking to the Python Matplotlib library with xlwings.  Since then updates to xlwings required some changes to the python code, specifically has been replaced with pictures.add. The spreadsheet has … Continue reading

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Displaying trend line equations on line charts

This post is prompted by a recent comment at Using LINEST for non-linear curve fitting which found that the trend line formula displayed on a chart was totally different from that found using the Linest function. The problem was caused by using a … Continue reading

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Editing Charts with the mouse

When editing chart ranges, to either change the limits of the range, or select a new column, I have been in the habit of either selecting a range and editing the text in the Formula Edit Bar, or right clicking, … Continue reading

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A mystery curve links to Jupyter

Reviewing some of my less visited links recently, I was intrigued by a post at The Math Less Travelled: The previous post at the site provides more details of the source of the curve, and some links to an interactive … Continue reading

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Baby Names and Pivot Tables

Baby Boom: An Excel Tutorial on Analyzing Large Data Sets is a comprehensive (and free) tutorial looking at analysing public databases of baby names, using Excel: There are professional data analysts out there who tackle “big data” with complex software, … Continue reading

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EvalA update and examples

The EvalA User Defined Function (UDF) has been included in the Eval2 and Eval-Integration spreadsheets for some time, but was not documented.  That has now been fixed, and both spreadsheets can be downloaded from Eval2.Zip (including full open-source code). The … Continue reading

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Daily Download 22: Splines and Curves

Since it was first published in 2009 my CSpline function has been the most popular download from this site.  CSpline (and various associated functions) is used to fit a series of cubic curves through specified points, allowing interpolation along a smooth … Continue reading

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